All of us use different ways of navigation in our daily lives. We follow roads and landmarks to get to our destinations. We use global positioning systems to tell us how far we have to drive and where to turn. However, what happens when things turn upside down for one

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Lars and I sit down at a table and order coffee, eggs and fries. As I listen to this beard-braided, tattooed, and highly intelligent man talk about yurt life, I feel comfortable instantly. “The number one thing I like about living in a yurt,” he begins, “is all the pleasures

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By: Amy Grisak   Natural Medicine for Whatever ails you Long before there was Walgreens or CVS there was herbal medicine to help soothe what ails you. In reality, many European countries still rely on plant medicine as an integral part of their health care. Years ago I was in

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As interest in organic and sustainable agricultural practices increases, more people are seeking methods to reduce their environmental impact and shift toward self-sustaining lifestyles. In the last forty years, an organization called WWOOF, or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms has been gaining traction and bringing together farmers and volunteers

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Homesteadingself sufficient

By: Linda Lacy Aspects of Homesteading with a Mud House or Cob House • Unbelievably inexpensive • Ancient, proven technology • Adaptable to any environment • Durable and waterproof • Thermal mass plus insulation • 1/3 of the world today owns these Mud houses are riding the wave of a

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Lisa Bedford
PreparednessPrepperself sufficientSHTFSurvival

Always be prepared: A mom’s look at prepping By: Patti Light When Lisa Bedford began writing her blog, The Survival Mom, in June 2009, her intention was to provide encouragement, information and resources to other moms who were becoming aware of the need to prepare their homes and families for

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The Best Caliber for Home Defense by Craig Johnson Selecting a good gun caliber is a tough decision for everyone, especially when it comes to home defense. The first step is to check and follow all the local, state and federal regulations appropriate to your area. While the day may

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Boy Scout Guide
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The Boy Scout Handbook: Constantly Teaching Us Survival Some of us were blessed to learn wilderness survival and self-subsistence skills from our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers.  Others did not have that option, and had to pick those skills up from some other method.  Some were directed along the way

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Amy Grisak
Gardeningself sufficient

Spring Planning for Seed Saving By: Amy Grisak Years ago it seemed when someone said they were saving seeds it meant they hung onto the rest of the packet that they didn’t use that year. Fortunately, more people are interested in harvesting seeds from their favorite crops to ensure they

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Basics of Knot Tying
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Tie the Paracord Knot if You Want to Live. By: Will Richards Imagine that you’re a paratrooper in World War II flinging yourself out of the back of a roaring B-17 over Germany. You tumble into freefall like discarded baggage. The thunder of the props dissipates as the airplane leaves

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