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  Reheat Food Like a Pro Preparing and eating a big meal can be a rewarding process when we have time, but long working days and busy lifestyles mean that such occasions can be rare. Reheating food is a simple and relatively quick exercise, however, and leftovers – or intentionally

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the 151 Best Backpacking and Hiking Websites

Getting outside and into nature is something many of us are naturally inclined to do. We are drawn to the outdoors and only feel truly happy when we can have the sun on our face and the wind blowing through our hair. Then, there are those who take being outside

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The Boy Scout Handbook: Constantly Teaching Us Survival Some of us were blessed to learn wilderness survival and self-subsistence skills from our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers.  Others did not have that option, and had to pick those skills up from some other method.  Some were directed along the way

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Hitchhiking: The Rules of the Road By: Christopher Williams Introduction Food and shelter are the utmost things on a traveler’s mind, and sometimes, that does not leave any cash left over for transportation. How is it possible to travel without any money? Easy – hitchhiking is one of the cheapest

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Roasting Coffee at Home: a Beginner’s Guide By: Matthew Miller Why Roast Your Own Coffee? Roasting coffee is one of the easiest steps towards more self-reliant living. Unlike other self-sufficiency projects, it’s a low-cost, low-hassle project that will save money while also improving the quality of every morning brew. With

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