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There currently is a growing movement with gardeners and farmers alike to reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals for controlling weeds. One of the main reasons people are avoiding weed killers is that more and more there is increasing evidence of the damage herbicides can do to the soil.

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131 Best Gardening Blogs on the Internet

The Best Gardening Blogs on the Web Gardening is a fun hobby as well as a way to put food on your table at a fraction of the cost it would be in the grocery store. You will find a LOT of information about how to grow this and that

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Amy Grisak
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Spring Planning for Seed Saving By: Amy Grisak Years ago it seemed when someone said they were saving seeds it meant they hung onto the rest of the packet that they didn’t use that year. Fortunately, more people are interested in harvesting seeds from their favorite crops to ensure they

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